Any Yogi would love to quit their job and move to the Himalayas to live with monks and reach enlightenment.  For most of us, this is not a possibility.  Many of us, despite our want to advance our practice and enrich our lives, can’t even get it together to sneak off for a 4 day yoga retreat in some nature-bound facility.

The good news is that 2-day yoga retreats are now accessible to the rest of us.  You can now enjoy the benefits of yoga, meditation, massage, and many other related activities with like-minded people and professionals in their fields. 

You don’t have to sleep in a yurt without air conditioning; hotel rooms and vegetarian meals are included.   You don’t even have to miss a day at work. 

Develop a stronger connection to your community and your practice.  Gain access to yoga props, clothes, essential oils, clean food and juice regimens, jewelry, artwork, and other products to help sustain your physical and conscious development.  Leave feeling fulfilled and radiant with energy.


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