What if I am new to Yoga?

Welcome to the community!  We base our practice on non-judgement of ourselves and others.  Weather it is your first time or it has been a lifetime, you have something to gain and something to offer.  We always respect our bodies and do not push beyond what we are comfortable with.  Asana practices will be all levels and modifications are always welcome.

What should I bring?

Bring your mat and an open mind.  If there is anything you like to have with you for Asana practice , like straps or blocks, feel free.  You know your own body and practice and can honor that here.  There will be plenty of opportunity for breaks for water, but you may prefer to keep your own bottle with you.  There are water stations for refills.  Some sessions could be sweaty, so it is always a good idea to bring a small towel.  If you are staying at the hotel, towels are available in your room.

What should I not bring?

Leave your worries, fears, self-doubt and internal chatter at home.  Also no cell phone or watches with audible tones that may distract your fellow yogis.

What kind of food is available?

Vegetarian breakfast and lunch buffets are provided on both days with some Vegan options.  There are plenty fresh and less processed foods available to                keep your body energized and your mind tranquil.  If you have any specific concerns you can include them in your notes when registering or email nativeomyogaretreats@gmail.com directly.

Do I have to stay at the hotel?

You do not need to stay at the hotel, but it may make things easier without distractions.  No traffic , no parking.  If you find it easier to stay at home and reconnect with the family or take care of life obligations, you may.  You also have the option of bringing them with you to the hotel to enjoy the amenities of the property and the surrounding area.

What about the hotel room?

The hotel is a full service property which means there is a restaurant, bar, room service, pool and spa, workout facility, gift shop etc. There is a mini fridge and coffee maker in the room.  There are 2 queen beds or 1 king bed in the room so you do have the ability to share rooms with up to four friends and significantly reduce the expense.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable for movement.  Please be respectful of other practitioners and dress modestly.  Typically shoes are not worn during practice.

Don't see your question here?

Please send any other inquiries to nativeomyogaretreats@gmail.com directly and we will be sure to answer all of your concerns.