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Dharma Shakti

Dharma Shakti received her 200 RYT through a month long training immersion at the Sivananda Ashram in 2005. It was there that she received her spiritual name from Swami Sitaramananda.  Having deep connections with the spiritual aspects of yoga and its philosophies, Dharma was moved to begin the propagation of yoga and all it had to offer. She started teaching soon after her return from the ashram, and has been leading classes ever since, all over Long Beach, Seal Beach and Orange County. 

Dharma also graduated from CCA and earned an ayurvedic degree, becoming a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2007. Dharma's classes are influenced by her ayurvedic knowledge and each class is adjusted to who is there and the time of day and and the time of year so that our yoga practice is balanced for what we need in the moment. Having obtained an E-RYT 200 through yoga alliance in 2011, she continues teaching, and also studying. She has in the last few years began tutelage under Tukaram Das of the Gaudiya Vaishnav Tradition and has been studying sacred texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as The Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Sri Krsna. You will find that Dharma's classes are infused with the philosophies she learns in the ancient texts, because yoga isn't just a physical practice, it is a lifestyle, and her aim is to help guide each student in a way that inspires them to enhance their lifestyle physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.  

That same year of 2007, Dharma started offering a free class once a week to her friends out on the bluff, which is now known as "Free Yoga on The Bluff". What started out as one simple class for her friends turned into a full week schedule and is now offered 7 days a week and highly attended by many people in the long beach community. Weekend class attendance is 200+ ! For many people it is their first introduction to yoga, and "Bluff Yoga" was voted "Best Yoga in Long Beach" in 2013 by the Long Beach Post. Dharma also earned recognition for her work in offering free yoga to the community by being nominated for Long Beach’s Press Telegram 40under40. and this year of 2018 was nominated by the mayors office for the Go Long Beach Award, for service and contribution to the community

In 2013 Dharma travelled to India with renowned yoga teacher and spiritual enthusiast, Raghunath Cappo, Visiting holy sites, ancient temples, studying the Mahabharat, and the Ramayan deepening her yoga practice, learning harmonium, chanting mantras, hearing past times of the deities, singing praises of the creator, meeting wandering sadhus on the streets, receiving blessings from the Divine! in 2017 Dharma Traveled to India again with Ragunath to receive her 300hr Teacher Training credentials during a month long immersion in the rural village of mumbai in the ashram at teh Beautiful Govardhan Eco Village, run by Radhanath swami and the many monks who live there. 

Dharma had the auspicious blessings of spending quite a bit of time in India with H.H. Radhanth Swami and was deeply impacted by his spiriutal teachings. She reveres him as a saintly transcendental being who offers valuable and applicable teachings. Her time with him and his words shared with her have profoundly affected her path as a bhakti yogi. Dharma considers Maharaj to be one of her main Teachers/ Gurus, and has a deep love, respect and appreciation for Radhanath Maharaj and his non sectraian non dogmatic apporach to yoga and all things bhakti! Dharma continues to study with Maharaj Radhanath Swami, and take his counsel for all things spiritual.

Since her travels to india, Dharma has begun annual trips to Nepal, hosted in the Himalayan Mountains with an NGO called Conscious Impact, in an effort to help rebuild infrastructure and community. Leading a 10 day Karma Yoga Retreat, students immerse themselves in village life with daily projects and tasks, with morning and afternoon yoga session for amazing sunrises and sunsets. all profits go towards build projects for the local community of Thakure. 

In the Last three years (since 2015), Dharma has studied with world renowned High Performance Coach, Brendon Burchard. One of the most viewed motivational speakers on YouTube! She has recently been certified as a High Performance Coach under his tutelage. As she begins to see clients and help them unfold into their most powerfully empowered selves, she has a unique way of blending motivational speaking, personal development and spiritual philosophy into a heart warming and spirit inspiring Yoga class. 

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Bri Hursh

Bri comes from a fitness background. Always lifting and running, never ever stretching. While training in late 2012 she came across yoga. Being competitive, she couldn't believe she couldn't touch her toes! She dove into yoga, taking 3 classes a week at the local gym, it took about a year to finally touch her toes. In 2016 she received her 200hr certification. Before going through teacher training, yoga was always about the body.  During YTT, Bri's life was twisted and turned upside down and the quote "its not about the asana" finally made sense in her mind. Yoga is not all about how your body feels, even though hitting that beautiful dancer pose is always fun, it's about how you FEEL afterwards. She was so happy after yoga and was finally realizing that, so she wanted to open a space where we focus on not just their body, but the heart, the mental aspect of yoga: bliss and happiness. Come to Happy Flow Yoga as you are, but don't leave until you're happy. Power Yoga is still a favorite, so make sure to find your way into one of Bri's Power classes! Happy Flowing

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Carina Nickerson

Founder and creator of Reclaim your Peace, applied meditation counselor and yoga teacher at Yogalutionmovement, is dedicated to teaching people to decode their inner guidance and unlock their peace, passion, and purpose. She struggled with anxiety and depression for years before panic attacks drove her to healing through body-centered meditation, insight yoga, and depth psychological work with the guidance of teachers she continues to work with today.

She has been married to wonderful man for the last 15 years with two beautiful kids and enjoys a peace, passion, and purpose she never thought possible. When she isn’t busy with her family she is working with her students and clients to help them clear their obstacles to the deep peace they long for. She’s been known to paint a picture or two and writes every single day.

She offers a weekly newsletter where she shares healing teachings and insights and has a freely offered seven day meditation journey to awaken the heart of joy called Seven Days of Gratitude, for people like her who are passionate about the healing power of loving kindness.  You can also join her private Facebook Group, The Painted Yogi.

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Susan Chong

YT 500, E-RYT 200. Devoted to health and happiness Susan became certified as a yoga teacher through “Cloud Nine Yoga School”. She later opened her own yoga studio and also became a certified health coach through the “Institute of Integrative Nutrition”. After furthering her studies through “Sundara Yoga Shala” for an additional 200hr certification, she sold her studio (although still teaches there), and sought out new adventures. Being an outdoor enthusiast has led Susan fell in love with floating yoga on the ocean. It was not long at all before she got certified to teach through YOGAqua’s Teacher Training course. Now, even when Susan’s not teaching, you can still find her deepening her practice at home.


Katy Chang

I discovered yoga during the summer of 2005. Having time before I went off to nursing school, I decided to enroll in a yoga course at a local community college in my hometown of Walnut, California. I immediately fell in love with the practice and took the lessons I learned with me to nursing school. My yoga practice was short lived due to the hectic clinical and academic schedule of nursing school. Eleven years later, I had completely lost myself and succumbed to the fast paced corporate world. Back pain, low energy and sadness started to become a daily occurrence. I decided to join a gym as an outlet for my stress. After a long time away from yoga, I found myself continuously coming back to the gym just for the yoga classes. My pain drastically subsided as each day I grew stronger and more flexible. I found myself balanced mentally and emotionally after each yoga session and I was better able to handle stress. It was through this rediscovery, that I knew I wanted to teach this love with others by becoming a certified yoga instructor. Since my rediscovery, I completed my 200 hours of yoga teacher training at True Flow Yoga and my aerial teacher training at Spectra's School for Yoga.

Teaching Style: Educational, gentle and calming. I am very focused on quieting the mind and focusing on breath so my students find peace and presence in their practice.


Jake McKee

I've been an active yogi since 2007 but my main passion is AcroYoga (partner yoga). I currently teach AcroYoga at OC Acro Irvine where I strive to keep a balance of fun and challenge in my classes. I love seeing the joy in a students face when they accomplish a pose or transition that was seemingly impossible to them moments before. In a world where face to face communication and touch are diminishing, Acro is an amazing tool to rediscover that connection that exists between all of us.

In my class we will work in groups of threes, so don't worry if you don't have a partner. Fun is guaranteed!


Julie Perkins

Julie is a Certified Empowerment Coach, Yoga Teacher/Trainer, Entrepreneuress, and Advocate of Change on a mission to inspire, encourage, and empower women to tap into their infinite potential so they can become their best, most authentic selves.

Growing up in Southern California, she had an unquenchable desire to truly understand the meaning of life at an early age. Ultimately, she is interested in finding ways to help herself others overcome all the negative self talk and subconscious wiring that’s keeping us from living our truth wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

Prior to moving back to Southern California, she was the Owner of an Indiana-based yoga and healing center, where she provided a multitude of services, from yoga,  reflexology and reiki, to chiropractic and massage. she was also blessed to have co-founded, and been a part of the Indiana Buddhist Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, where my Beautiful Teacher Geshe Jinpa Sonam resides.

In her free time,  she enjoys relaxing at the beach, yoga,  going to the spa to wind down, and exploring new places. She is also an avid bookworm and student of life. Last, but certainly not least, she absolutely loves spending quality time with her family. She is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters and the grandmother of a precious baby girl.


Kyle Lam

Breath is the key to our vitality.  When we tune into our own vibration, we take the first step towards transformation.  Kyle Lam is a breath work facilitator and sound healer, sharing his passion and knowledge of the healing arts to our community.  His kundalini based sound baths guide as a musical journey through one’s subconscious to alleviate any energetic and emotional blocks while providing a relaxing and meditative experience.  As a breathwork teacher, his circles allow one to tap into their inner warrior and bring about a new strength that works to eliminate any past traumas, fears, and doubts about oneself.  Kyle hosts his own sound baths and community circles in his town of Whittier as a platform for building the conscious community in the surrounding areas, as well as co-hosts sound baths both in Hollywood and Brentwood.


Kat Chisam

Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for fitness and health.  I played soccer for over 10 years and when i stopped playing there was somthing missing in my life.  I discovered Bikram yoga in 2007 and loved the intensity and challange of it.  But it was not until 2011 that I really took my yoga practice seriously.  I finally realized this is what I was missing in my life.  As my practice got stronger, my mind got calmer, and my life started moving forward and in a positive direction.  In 2015 I decided to become a yoga teacher.  My inspiration for coming a teacher was my family.  I wanted to teach my family yoga so they could live a very long healthy life.  Besides practicing yoga I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, cooking and of course eating, drinking good wine, and walking my dog.  I feel so fortunate to be truely doing what I love for a living.    


Cindy Jacobs

Prior to discovering yoga in suburban Detroit 12 years ago, Cindy's mind and body health regiment was scattered. Her body was accustomed to a strong physical practice and her mind was hardly involved in the process. After her first Vinyasa class, Cindy recognized the link between mind, body and breath - its message being especially important in our stressful lives. For Cindy, yoga unfolds itself in its ability to shift off of the mat and into our everyday lives, helping us move through any challenges that may arise on a daily basis.

Cindy's personal spiritual practice embodies non-violence and non-judgement to others and oneself, acknowledging that we are constant works in progress. In 2012, she received her RYT 200-hour training through TrueFLOW Yoga in Costa Mesa. 

Cindy is a full-time Director of Engagement for Jewish Federation & Family Services OC, a local nonprofit.  Along with yoga, she enjoys team-building, travel, hiking, paddle board and spending time with her friends and loved ones. She lives in the sunniest spot in Seal Beach with her boyfriend, Keith and their dog, Gidget.

Cindy's favorite asanas are those that inspire an open heart - backbends!